Welcome Video

More About Level 1

There are 5 section videos to Level 1:

  1. Healing Alignment
    This level clears programming that instructs our energy system to hold on to trauma and negative energies. Rather than going through our lives collecting more and more energetic baggage, after Section 1 your energy system is calibrated to go through your life releasing it.
  2. Your Internal Wisdom

Taster Session

As an introduction, we'll work on your beliefs about healing. In this context, Healing refers to the ability of your body and mind to release negative emotional attachments. Such attachments literally cost us energy to maintain, energy we could be channelling into productive actions.

I've noticed that many people don't even believe it is possible to deal with these attachments any differently, and that's how this video came about.

Tapping Statements in this Video

Each statement is repeated 3 times.

The Tapping Course

Would you like to...

  • Align Your Body's Energies for Healing
  • Trust Your Intuition and Wisdom
  • Become Free From Being Controlled By Other People
  • Get to Know Your Authentic Self
  • Be More In Your Body

The Tapping Course gives you all these things - and that's just Level 1 which is Absolutely FREE! Believe it or not, each of these results is achieved in a short 5-10 minute video that you have to watch and tap along to just 2-3 times. All videos are delivered on the website just like the one above.

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