About Magnus

I am a geek for what I do, because I love what I do and I do what I love.

I have realised that my path of self development and spiritual growth - that of personal evolution - boils down to two things:

  1. Expanding your awareness as much as possible - understanding your sub-conscious mind and reaching upwards and outwards with your soul to realise oneness with all things and ultimately all parts of the universe.
  2. Focusing all parts of you right here, right now, in your body and in the present moment, and manifesting as much of your spirit and gifts into the physical world as possible.

I've noticed that most people tend to focus on just one of these aspects - at the extremes they become airy-fairy new age crazy woo-woo types, or skeptics focussed on forcing results in the material world.

This happens because people perceive a paradox - they understand the two ideas above in ways that make them mutually exclusive, so they identify with one and separate themselves from the other group.

In my products I aim to bridge the gap and create a body of work that appeals to both types of people - because we all have both types within us.

At the extremes the skeptics will say my stuff is woo-woo, and the spiritual air-heads will say it's a nice introduction for non-spiritual people but they don't need it.

If you've read this far you are probably in the middle, and have already seen the value in this course - or are just about to!

I grew up very anti-religion and anti anything spiritual, studying Computer Science at Pembroke College, Cambridge.

It wasn't until I was about the age of 26 that I'd realised I'd spent all my life wrapping myself up into a nasty ball of negative beliefs - ego, separation, and limiting ideas about myself and the world.

At that point, with the help of many self-help and spiritual courses and like-minded friends, I set about unraveling that ball.

I'm not certain anyone can ever be done with unraveling that ball and still be a physical human being - I like the idea that when you are really done you'll end up as a floating ball of light.

I am certain that I've reached certain useful milestones, and that I've deconstructed what I did to reach those sufficiently that I can create courses that reliably allow others to reach them.

I'm not interested in offering money-back guarantees (except where payment processors insist) as that would imply that the course could possibly not work.

Self-development and spiritual tools should be as reliable as screwdrivers, or chairs. If it doesn't work, and you don't know why it doesn't work, then your understanding of whatever you're doing isn't good enough and you need to go back to the drawing board and do further research.

The Tapping Course is built on this principle. There are, for example, several major reasons why Video 1 of Level 1 wouldn't work for someone - 5 of them are handled by the Preparatory Videos. The rest make it very unlikely that someone would come to the course in the first place.

I'm creating these courses because I've not found anyone who takes this approach. Personally I think it's the minimum standard we should expect.

For this reason I'm not interested in creating courses on how to be a millionaire or make yourself irresistibly attractive. For one thing, I'm not a millionaire yet...

Most of the results of these courses are non-physical, but the side-effects of handling those energetic issues might well result in more money and more sex - and because these courses bring you more into alignment you can be sure that the money will be more and more authentically earned and the sex will be increasingly with the right partners.

This isn't to say that the results are not testable - for example Psychological Reversal is a recognised phenomenon in Energy Healing circles and Kinesiology can reliably test for it. I've also used electronic devices that can reliably test for whether each video has been successful, and I look forward to these being more widely available.

For the moment most people will be doing the courses 'blind' and trusting their inner knowing as to what has changed in their sub-conscious. This is not a bad thing.

All my courses complement EFT practitioners or practitioners in other healing modalities, in fact they will assist any work they do with you. The more energetically clear a practitioner is the better they can help another, so I hope practitioners will take to the courses too.

It's my belief that these are the best courses on the planet right now, in terms of reliably and quickly creating dramatic and positive change. If I found one that was better I would let you know about it.

The world needs work like this now - whether or not you believe the planet is ascending for 2012 or the Age of Aquarius, or if you think it's a dreadful place and we'll destroy ourselves sooner rather than later, healing is the answer - and the deeper and quicker the better.