More About Level 1

There are 5 section videos to Level 1:

  1. Healing Alignment
    This level clears programming that instructs our energy system to hold on to trauma and negative energies. Rather than going through our lives collecting more and more energetic baggage, after Section 1 your energy system is calibrated to go through your life releasing it.
  2. Your Internal Wisdom
    There's only one reason why we disconnect from our internal wisdom - we decide (at the sub-conscious level) that other people know better than us. Section 2 reverses this decision - only you really know what is best for you, no matter what other people might think.
  3. Independence - Better Relationships
    We don't do ourselves any favours by taking on other peoples' energies and we don't really help them either. In this section we clear co-dependent structures to create an energy system that is ours and no-one elses. This will lead to massive upheaval in some relationships - but this is always ultimately for the better.
  4. Authenticity - Releasing False Personalities
    You know when people say "I don't know what got into me" or "I just wasn't myself"... that's because something else actually did get into them, and they really weren't themselves. We create or pick-up false personalities to deal with difficult situations, but they don't ever really serve us. Section 4 is the fastest technique available for dissolving false personalities that is available in personal development today.
  5. Coming Into Your Body
    All of Level 1 leads up to Section 5 - releasing the barriers to you being in the present moment. You will experience a permanent state of presence way beyond what you have had before.

Each video is only 5 to 15 minutes long and designed to be repeated once or twice until you get the result it promises - no other personal development course can deliver such a certain result.

But wait! There's more...

With Level 1 come 5 Preparatory Videos. Most people only need to do two or three of these. Some people will need to do them all and some people will be able to dive straight into Level 1.

There are some people for whom Tapping just does not work - until they do the Preparatory Videos. There's nothing 'wrong' with this people, their energy systems are just configured differently. These simple videos use Kinesiology techniques to re-align your energies to get the maximum benefit from the Tapping Course.

There are 5 Preparatory Videos:

  1. Energy Body Re-Connection
    About 1/4 of people have partially or completely disconnected from their energy body, which is really just another way of thinking of the sub-conscious mind. Tapping still works on these people - they just don't notice it doing anything. We would like you to be conscious of what the Tapping Course is doing for you.
  2. Brain Circuit Activation
    Everyone knows we only use a small portion of our brain's capacity. This video activates the whole thing. It takes time for you to actually start using it in daily life, but the Tapping course works best when all levels of thinking are available to you.
  3. Being Open to Assistance From Others
    This video is not essential to complete the course, but if you get stuck you might be resistant to visiting our support forums for the information youneed to move forward. This video helps you accept help when appropriate.
  4. Psychological Reversal
    This is the most well known reason that Tapping doesn't work for some people. When you are reversed, your energy system has literally switched around it's idea of what is good energy versus what is bad energy. Again, this technique is unique to the Tapping Course and is the most powerful method available today for resolving Psychological Reversal.
  5. Accepting You Are In A Body
    Sometimes it's like your conscious and sub-conscious minds just don't want to accept that they have a body to operate and deal with. The Tapping Course is about manifesting your spiritual power in the real life physical world, and your body is the route to doing that.

Members also get access to our Support Forum and FAQ for help moving through the course.

It's a free course, so there is no money-back guarantee, and there is no need for one either - if you start the course, show up, follow the videos, and ask for help when you need it, you will gain the results described above, as well as countless side benefits.

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There are 3 Levels to the Tapping Course, Level 1 is very powerful and will always be free.

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