Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, those are the most profound ones.

This is an idea that shows up in many self development teachings - NLP calls clearing false personalities 'Integration of Parts' and people with a more esoteric vocabulary call it 'Spirit Release'.

Sometimes people say things like "I'm not feeling myself today" or "I don't know what got into me". That's when a false personality has taken over - it is essentially a 'spirit', but that doesn't mean it has to be anything mystical.

We develop false personalities to deal with situations that stress us - so we can cut off a little bit from the experience. The situation could be a traumatic experience or it could simply be sitting at your desk at work. Either way, the false personality is essentially a seperate consciousness to our own, and thus our full faculties are not available to deal with the situation properly.

The Tapping Course offers a relatively neat way of clearing false personalities. We clear the belief that we need them in the first place - and they simply vanish.

Not yet, but they will be soon. DVDs will be available to paid members when we have had the DVDs pressed.

'Tapping' is not EFT or any other tapping modality you may have come across. The particular points chosen for each phrase are correct - you don't need all the points for every issue.

The Tapping Course was created to clear absolutely every issue that originates in the meridian system.

The course may or may not resolve your specific issue. Either way it will improve the functioning of your meridian system such that other healing modalities will work better.

To use meridian tapping on issues not resolved by the Tapping Course, consult an EFT Practitioner.

Once you are a Free Member, you have the option to pay whatever price you like, choosing from $15, $25, $50, $79 or $99, to access the Paid Levels. It's quirky, we know.