What is a False Personality?

This is an idea that shows up in many self development teachings - NLP calls clearing false personalities 'Integration of Parts' and people with a more esoteric vocabulary call it 'Spirit Release'.

Sometimes people say things like "I'm not feeling myself today" or "I don't know what got into me". That's when a false personality has taken over - it is essentially a 'spirit', but that doesn't mean it has to be anything mystical.

We develop false personalities to deal with situations that stress us - so we can cut off a little bit from the experience. The situation could be a traumatic experience or it could simply be sitting at your desk at work. Either way, the false personality is essentially a seperate consciousness to our own, and thus our full faculties are not available to deal with the situation properly.

The Tapping Course offers a relatively neat way of clearing false personalities. We clear the belief that we need them in the first place - and they simply vanish.