Taster Session

As an introduction, we'll work on your beliefs about healing. In this context, Healing refers to the ability of your body and mind to release negative emotional attachments. Such attachments literally cost us energy to maintain, energy we could be channelling into productive actions.

I've noticed that many people don't even believe it is possible to deal with these attachments any differently, and that's how this video came about.

Tapping Statements in this Video

Each statement is repeated 3 times.

KC: Even Though I Can't Heal, I Deeply And Completely Accept Myself x3

EB: I'm Ready To Heal Now
UE: I'm Ready To Heal Now
UM: I'm Ready To Heal Now

KC: Even Though I'm Not Healing, I Deeply And Completely Accept Myself x3

EB: I'm Healing Now
CB: I'm Healing Now
UB: I'm Healing Now
UA: I'm Healing Now

Key to Tapping Points

Here are the points used in this video. It doesn't matter which hand you tap with or which side you tap on.

Karate Chop (KC): This is on the side of the hand, just down from your little finger. Use all the fingers of the other hand to tap it firmly.

Eyebrow (EB): In the middle of the forehead, at the end of your eyebrow, and a little bit into the eye socket.

Under Eye (UE): Use two fingers to tap the bone under the eye.

Under the Mouth (UM): Just in the indent on your chin, under your bottom lip - use two fingers again.

Collarbone (CB): Just to the side of the fleshy part of your throat you'll find a bump which is the innermost part of the collarbone.

Under Breast (UB): Just under the outermost corner of your breast.

Under Arm (UA): At the bottom of the armpit, an inch or two round from the UB point.

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